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Lack of Sexual Intimacy

Physical intimacy has always been a coveted issue in indian marriages. Couples tend to hide these issues. Sex is a basic human need and when it is not met, anybody would feel frustrated. One of the core functions of marriage is also to satisfy physical needs. Most of people find it difficult to express or discuss issues with respect to sexual relationship with their partners. It is indeed a sensitive topic. It needs both the partners to be matured and supportive to healthy discussions in this area. But when this does not happen, relationships start decaying at deeper level.

And a stage comes when there is withdrawal from either or both the partners. Eventually lack of communication tears a marriage apart. Some cases are because of medical conditions but some are also due to psychological factors. In both the conditions couple need to unite and resolve. This is again a tough job because sexual self esteem is also at play. Frustrations in sex life of a couple results to infidelity, psychological disturbances and emotional disconnect in the relationship. Some couples also report a mismatch in sexual preferances that leads to disturbances.

Happy people make happy relationships


In my years of practice in the field of marriage counselling and relationship counselling, I have observed that all the couples need happy relationships. This is because we all are social beings. We all need warmth and affection to survive. For creating happy relationships, it is important for us to be happy ourselves. At the same it is important that people around us are also happy. Relationships can only support the happiness that exists in us and in others who are related to us. Relationships cannot be the source of happiness. We need to first bring happiness in the relationship and then maintain it. Happy people make happy relationships. Sad people only bring sadness to the relationship. When two sad people multiply their sadness, the result is MISERY. But when two happy people multiply their happiness, the result is called BLISS. They become a support system for each other in true sense.

Marriage Counselling Delhi

Marriage is the centre around which all other relationships of the couple are formed. The couples are the builders of the new family.
  • Marriage Counselling deals with the pain in the marriage.
  • Marriage Counselling helps in working at both the levels – at the individual level and at the marriage as a whole.
  • Marriage Counselling helps in the couple to act so as to establish a balance in the relationship.
  • Marriage Counselling helps in checking certain irrational assumptions that are detrimental to the marriage.
  • Marriage Counseling helps the couples to act jointly in nurturing the relationship, thereby making a fast recovery.
  • Marriage Counselling helps in gradually making sense to the couple instead of just the individual even when either the husband or the wife approaches.


A successful marriage is where :
  • The couple feel free to express their emotions to each other
  • The couple is able to accept their own selves and also each other
  • The couple can give and take feedback from each other in a healthy manner for a constructive cause
  • The couple can tell each other what they hope, fear, expect
  • The couple can agree to disagree
  • The couple can make choices
  • The couple can liberate themselves from the disturbing events of the past

Marriage Counseling: Helps in Making Healthy Relationships

A family is the building block of a society, and happy families make a healthier society. The main purpose of Marriage CounselingChattanooga is to make healthy relationship of marriages. Marriage counselling helps couples at all stages of married life, including a pre-marriage or post marriage. Relationship in balance is a top most company that offers best quality services to people who want to deal with marital problems. This counseling helps in improving relationships and resolving conflicts between couples. You should go over these three steps from marriage counselling which helps in saving your marriage: Communicate better and when necessary:

The main reason for marital failure is the lack of communication or miscommunication among couples and when difficulties arise, people stop doing proper communication with one another. So, a married relationship can't be saved when the couple can't communicate productively together. Whenever a new problem comes up, couples must communicate with each other and the standard of communication needs to be effective too. You should have to be listen to your partner carefully and discus your problems without any hesitation.

Decide to compromise: Marriage Counseling Chattanooga suggest you keep in mind that other areas of everyday living aren't that important at day's finish.

Marriage counselling services can help couples to begin their happy married life in good and positive way. This counseling helps in providing an environment where a couple can feel safe to share their thoughts and feelings with confidence. 

Best Secrets to Fix Your Marriage Problems

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happiness in marriage life
If you want to fix up all your marriage problems then you need to follow some expert tips suggested by majority marriage counselors.
Addition of some zing
As per the advices of some classical marriage experts, if you want to hold healthy marriage relationship then you have to add some more flavors to your married life to make it more hot and spicy. You can follow various effective means for maintaining the same attraction effects between you and your partner even after several years of marriage life.
Avoiding unnecessary conflicts
Start sorting out the misunderstandings at an early stage for avoiding unnecessary chaos or conflicts. Try to maintain your anger and patience level by means of yoga practices for getting effective results in your marriage life. Even if your partner is shouting at you, keep your mind cool rather try to calm him down in a pleasant manner. Always admit your own faults and be a bit submissive for controlling the situation temporarily.
Choosing the right place and time
You must choose your words very carefully while delivering your thoughts and ideas to your partner. You always need to understand the place, time and situation and have to communicate accordingly. try to control your emotions and anger even you are in a very bad mood. Always try to give priority to his feelings, emotions and moods. You need to read and understand their needs very well in order to conduct activities as per their preferences.
Better understanding of emotions
You always need to understand their need and emotions. You will never do anything which can hurt their individual feelings and emotions. Try to give respect to their decisions and always avoid insult, criticism, bullying and blaming. If your partner does not like any particular discussion then do not argue and immediately stop or change the discussion. This is one of the most effective means of avoiding unnecessary mess.
Showing love, respect and care
If you want to fix up your marriage and want to stretch it for a longer period then you need to show proper love, respect and care towards your soul mates. You can list their likings and can act accordingly for making them feel the warmth of your love and affection. Try to maintain a proper balance of your boredom, everyday irritations and frustrations. Try to follow the path of forgiveness as this is one of the most powerful weapons of fixing up successful marriages. Make your spouse feel that he is the most prior thing of your life and you are ready to do anything and everything for his happiness.
Maintenance of healthy sexual life
Though sex is not everything in a married life but it is one of the most essential aspects of a happy married life. One of the easiest ways of making your spouse happy is to make him satisfied sexually. As per the marriage experts, proper sexual intimacy can keep apart most of the married life problems. Only a happy and pleasure filled sexual interaction between the married couples can make them free from all kinds of social, family or professional stress and provides them utmost relaxation. 
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marriage relationship problems
The divorce quantitative relation straight away is 1:2. that's implausibly ridiculous. sadly, identical quantitative relation goes for Christian couples, which might be found as quite unhappy considering Christians area unit purported to be the instance. Yes, there area unit legit reasons to why a handful ought to divorce, however WHO honestly needs to urge married then finish it in divorce? the solution isn't terribly several. What area unit some ways in which to assist improve your relationship together with your spouse? let's have a look at.
Through statistics, it's been found that a husband and spouse World Health Organization pray along stay for much longer with a quantitative relation of 1:1,025. that's method higher than 1:2. therefore women and gentleman, I recommend prayer be placed in your matrimonial life daily, whether or not it's before preparing for the day or right before bed at the hours of darkness. This praying along ought to be fully set except for the praying before meals. though it's completely extraordinary your family will that, this sort of praying doesn't bring out the trust, respect, love, honesty, and appreciation which will be brought from praying along in your personal time.
Another good thing to try and do is have a date night. If you have got youngsters, depart for an evening a minimum of once each time period and send them to grandparents or trusty friends for an evening or few. tho' attempt to have some alone time and watch a motion-picture show with alternative|one another} whereas the youngsters area unit asleep or demonstrate your love for every other a minimum of one or a handful times per week. kids area unit an oversized priority, however do not place them on top of your domestic partner. Your kids area unit within the home for a restricted time, however your domestic partner is there by your facet for the remainder of your life. If you do not have youngsters, then have a date night a minimum of once per week. Remember, having a date doesn't need going the house or pin money, simply enjoying being along and displaying in your own ways in which why you're therefore blessed to possess your domestic partner.
If time can not be found, you're possibly prioritizing one thing that ought to not go on top of your family however particularly your domestic partner. What during this world may probably be a lot of vital than your family? If you create all the money within the world however haven't any one to share It with, it isn't worthwhile. Your family can share love which will ne'er be received through material things. Yes, you'll need the ups and downs. there'll continuously be the professionals and also the cons, however is not florescence your relationship together with your domestic partner a lot of fun and fulfilling than look from a replacement 52 in. television? you would possibly wish to mention affirmative.
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How Can I Save My Marriage?

So you're new at the job and you want to start making friends? For many people, it isn't always an easy thing to do, because in most workplaces people form their clicks or form their own groups and they don't usually waste time trying to make the newbie feel welcome. If you're in one of those organizations that has a beautiful scaffolding policy, then congratulations. Chances are however, if you are reading this – you'll enjoy the tips I'm about to share Tips for financial problems in marriage.

Speak First things first, if you want to make friends at work you should get out of your comfort zone and actually start talking. New guys always shut down on themselves and this can hinder all your plans to fit in – don't do it.You'll want to speak to your colleagues, get to know them and maybe hang out sometime.

Hear them out Even more important than talking is hearing. If you can, start up a conversation and ask a few questions about ‘them', people typically love to talk about self so let them speak –you'll soon see that you start to grow on them without them even noticing. Be a good listener and you'll have a bunch of friends in no time!

Break into Groups So, mentioned earlier, groups are already formed when you get to your new job – what you must do here is to scan "whose who" in the social pecking order and what's the "flavor of the month". Find out more about the individual group members, who the designated leaders are, who the most influential people of the group are, and why the group was formed in the first place – there is definitely a common thread... that's your catalyst. After you do this, you should try to screen the groups to find out which of them suits you the most. Then, try to break into them. This is one of the key factors when it comes to make friends at work.

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